Smart Sips Coffee is a buzzing company that brings new heights of flavor, taste and aroma into your day. We put our own creative spin on flavored coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino and more… and the result is a step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

Smart Sips are made with high quality ingredients and created in small batches to ensure consistency and provide the freedom to have fun with new flavors. We use an old-style process of flavoring the highest quality beans, and you can taste the difference.



Our products are made in the U.S.A. and our company is woman-owned and family-run.

Our vision is to create deliciously different, unique products that connect with our customers and provide them something enjoyable and essential in their day. We create products that become a staple in someone’s day, workplace and kitchen. 

We’re not just coffee, we're your morning best friend! Dive into our delicious world of fantastic flavor and experience your coffee rather than just drink it. 

We are always launching new, exciting flavors, so stay connected to see what we have come up with next! 

We are so excited to have been featured on the cover of NJBiz! 

njbiz smart sips coffee


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