The Smart Sips’ Guide to Flavored Decaf Coffee

The Smart Sips’ Guide to Flavored Decaf Coffee

We understand the importance of decaf coffee in the lives of those who drink it. A few years ago we started hearing from decaf coffee drinkers who discovered Smart Sips Coffee and wanted to reach out to thank us for creating fun decaf flavors. They shared their experiences of feeling frustrated with not having decaf options, and their excitement when they found our fun decaf flavors. We love to listen to our customers and have since then continued to grow our flavored decaffeinated coffee line.

Whatever the reason may be for wanting coffee sans caffeine, we’re here to give you flavored decaffeinated options whether you are a fruit-fanatic or a chocoholic. 

Here is a flavor guide to some of our most delicious decaffeinated flavored gourmet coffees. 


Decaf Banana Cream Coffee

Available in Ground & Single-Serve K-cup

Banana Cream that tastes like a dream! Fresh bananas and sweet cream swirled together to create the perfect cup.

Decaf Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Coffee

Available in Ground & Single-Serve K-cup

Our Decaf Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble Coffee is a delicious blend of fresh blueberry and warm cinnamon. Sure to become one of your favorites! Delicate blueberry cinnamon flavor and great coffee beans.



Decaf Chocolate Peanut Butter Coffee

Available in Ground & Single-Serve K-cup

What is better than combining rich chocolate with creamy peanut butter? The result is a decaf flavored coffee lover’s dream.

Decaf Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Coffee

Available in Single-Serve 

Our Decaffeinated Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Coffee has the incredible taste of a fresh baked hazelnut chocolate chip cookie! The delight of sweet, buttery hazelnut, expertly blended with decadent chocolate chip goodness.

Decaf Chocolate Raspberry

Available in Ground & Single-Serve

If you love the rich chocolate bursting with fresh raspberry, then drop what you’re doing and grab some Smart Sips Decaf Chocolate Raspberry coffee! Our decaffeinated Chocolate Raspberry gourmet flavored coffee is indulgent, decadent, rich with a burst of fresh raspberry flavor.


Decaf Caramel Brulee

Available in Ground & Single-Serve

Dive into a cup of our scrumptious smooth Decaf Caramel Brulee gourmet coffee and enjoy a coffee swirling with rich caramel flavor, created for our fellow caramel lovers to serve as a wonderfully delicious treat.

Decaf Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Available in Single-Serve 

The incredible flavor of warm and chewy cinnamon sugar cookies... minus the guilt or caffeine!

Decaf Pecan Pie

Available in Single-Serve  

A delightful cup of coffee with the flavor of buttery pecans and warm brown sugar. Truly a dessert in your mug. 

Decaf Cinnamon Roll Latte 

Available in Single-Serve 

The flavor and aroma of a warm, fresh baked cinnamon roll. Smart Sips’ Decaf Cinnamon Roll Latte is wildly delicious, swirling with the captivating flavors of a warm, gooey cinnamon roll. Keep latte?



Decaf Brown Sugar Bourbon

Available in Single-Serve  

The signature flavor and warmth of bourbon highlighted with notes of brown sugar. An irresistible, sexy flavor. Enticing and unconventional…. Bringing the extraordinary into your daily routine.

Decaf Irish Cream

Available in Single-Serve 

Our Decaf Irish Cream Coffee is a Ultimate Creamy, Sweet, Buttery Blend That Creates the Perfect Cup of Coffee! The Delightful Flavor of Irish Cream, Just Without the Whiskey…

Can’t decide on just one? Check out our Decaf Coffee Variety Packs!

We have several more flavors coming out soon, so stay tuned decaf-drinking friends! And we love hearing your suggestions, so connect with us on Facebook or Instagram (@SmartSipsCoffee) or message us at