How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

When we decided to dive into the world of Cold Brew and create our own Smart Sips Cold Brew Coffee Collection we did tons of research to understand what people loved - and didn’t love - about cold brew. 

One of the top things we learned that frustrated people was the confusion of how to actually brew the cold brew coffee. It often varies by brand, by product and sometimes by personal opinion. 

As someone who personally finds it hard to follow instructions when putting together my kids’ toys or furniture (or anything that requires me to assemble), I wanted to make sure I made Smart Sips’ cold brew as easy as possible to brew. 

So here are 3 simple steps to brewing cold brew coffee.

1: Take out one cold brew filter pack (there are two in each bag) and put in 64 ounces/half gallon of cold water.

2. Allow to sit for 12 hours at room temperature.

3. Remove the filter pack from the pitcher and voila… your cold brew is ready for you to pour over ice and enjoy!