Fall Flavor Guide

Fall Flavor Guide

Fall is our favorite season, and we couldn’t be more elated taking in the collective beauty of the colorful leaves and breaking out our knitted sweaters as the weather gets brisk. One of the best parts of the Fall season (besides Halloween and Thanksgiving, of course) are the delightful flavors that come along with it.

From pumpkin spice to apple cinnamon, caramel to cranberry, Smart Sips’ creates Fall inspired flavors that compliment Thanksgiving tables and allow you to add ‘Taste’ to the list of senses that Fall touches.

Our 2017 Fall Flavor Guide is here to connect your love of coffee with seasonal flavors.

Cranberry Biscotti- At Smart Sips’ HQ, we affectionately refer to this flavor as ‘Fall in a mug’. Everything about this layered, delectable flavor screams Autumn. Warm biscotti with a pop of cranberry, our Cranberry Biscotti coffee serves as the ultimate Thanksgiving after-dinner drink.

Apple Crumb Cake- What is better than the aroma of a fresh baked apple pie? We have perfectly paired the divine taste of apple pie with Arabica coffee beans and the result is a mood-elevating drink.

Caramel Brulee- Caramel makes everything taste better! The smooth, rich, sweet flavor enhances all it touches, including coffee. Our Caramel Brulee coffee is a dessert in your mug.

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Roll- As a pumpkin spice FANATIC, it was so important for me to create the perfect pumpkin coffee blend. We worked to wonderfully balance the unique taste and spiciness of pumpkin spice with the delicacy and sweetness of cinnamon roll, and the result is a thoughtful blend that is the ultimate Fall pumpkin coffee.

Pumpkin Cognac- This flavor was created after I sampled an unforgettable Pumpkin Cognac Cheesecake a few holiday seasons ago. Our Pumpkin Cognac coffee is a unique spin on the typical Fall pumpkin trend. Two strong flavor profiles that collide in a delicious, stronger way than you may have previously experienced.

Almond Cookie Cappuccino- As one of my most favorite flavors we make here at Smart Sips Coffee, our Almond Cookie Cappuccino will have you head-over-heels in love before you even take a sip. The aroma is that of a warm, fresh baked biscotti and the taste is simply heavenly. Sweetened to perfection, it tastes just like Fall makes you feel - comfy, cozy, happy, content.

Did I mention that all Smart Sips’ coffees are sugar free, carb free, contain zero artificial sweeteners and are under 2 calories per cup? And our cappuccinos are low calorie.

Bottoms up!