Drink Like a Shark

Drink Like a Shark

In case you missed it, Smart Sips Coffee appeared on Good Morning America’s Strahan and Sara show, alongside the stars of hit TV show, Shark Tank. While this was sure to be a sink-or-swim moment for Smart Sips, we are so excited to share that the Sharks loved our coffee!  Check out these four “bite-sized” takeaways from the segment.


Lori Greiner drinks Smart Sips at home

A lover of flavored coffees herself, Lori Greiner revealed that she was already a Smart Sips customer!  “I do believe I have bought this before,” shares Greiner. “I am that person that likes flavored coffees... I have have ordered some things of yours trying to find the perfect mocha. ”


Chocolate Peanut Butter is a Hit with Mr. Wonderful

It only took one sip of our chocolate peanut butter coffee to have Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful) raving about how delicious it was. The notorious stickler was visibly impressed and called Smart Sips Coffee “damn good!”


Daymond says “we have to find a way to be partners!”

Reacting to Smart Sips Coffee founder Lara Nikola’s pitch, Shark Daymond John poked fun at his counterpart. “You’re obviously more successful than Kevin.” The venture capitalist, who clearly loved the coffee, added “We have to find a way to be partners here, this is amazing!”


Michael Strahan wants to know… does our Pecan Whiskey flavor have “real Whiskey?!”

After commending Smart Sips for a great job and “great product too,” Michael Strahan had a question for us... “I want to ask, is there real whiskey in the pecan whiskey?” Sorry Michael, our Pecan Whiskey coffee doesn’t contain any real alcohol, but we promise that it tastes even better than the real thing.

If you missed our appearance on Good Morning America, you can check out the full segment here.