A Love Letter to Coffee

A Love Letter to Coffee

Dear Coffee, 

I love you. While it may seem that I take you for granted (depending on you to wake me up every morning and even dragging you to work with me), I’m writing you this letter to show you how much you mean to me.

To me, you are more than just a cup. You are my morning motivation. The carrot dangled at the end the stick to help get me out of my comfy bed and into my work clothes (and on weekends my yoga pants).

Without you, I would be a tired, jobless, sleepy mess of anger. Your strength makes me stronger. You perk me up when I am feeling down and inspire me to be patient and kind. 

I know you are flawed. You have stained my clothes and spilled in my cup holders. You have even burned me and at times, but I forgive you. 

A day without you would feel like an eternity. Not only are you here for me whenever I need a pick-me-up, you give me a reason to leave the office and something to enjoy alone before everyone else in my house wakes up and demands my time.

You have been there during intimate conversations with loved ones, dates with people I would not go on to marry and long drives with a short patience.

You are beautiful in every way. With cream, with sugar or black. I love you cold or hot - you are always my type. And did I mention that you always smell amazing.

There are some who claim to not like you. Saying you’re not their ‘cup of tea”. But you'll always be mine. Some say that you are too strong for them. Maybe they’re too weak for you? When they speak those negative things, I do not listen. 

Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter and of course, coffee.

Love Always,

Lara & Nancy

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