5 Reasons You’ll Love Chocolate Cherry Cordial Coffee

5 Reasons You’ll Love Chocolate Cherry Cordial Coffee

If you're a flavored coffee lover, then you've got to try our Chocolate Cherry Cordial Coffee! This medium roast gourmet flavored coffee is the perfect balance of chocolate & fruit flavor, with notes of chocolate and cherry. Here are five reasons to love this delicious cup of joe:

1. Perfect balance - It has a perfectly balanced flavor with notes of rich chocolate and a burst of cherries.

2. Delicious aroma - The aroma of this coffee will fill your home with a delicious scent that will make your mouth water!

3. Rich flavor - It is a medium roast brew that is roasted to perfection.

4. Guilt-Free - It is 0 sugar, 0 carbs, 2 calories per cup.

5. No artificial sweeteners - It does not contain artificial sweeteners.

Our Chocolate Cherry Cordial Coffee is available in Regular & Decaf, single-serve flavored coffee pods for Keurig k-cup brewers as well as in ground bags. 

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