5 Interesting Alternative Uses For Coffee

5 Interesting Alternative Uses For Coffee

If you’re anything like us a Smart Sips, you drink coffee like its your job (even though here it is actually our job). But pot after pot, pod after pod, do you ever feel as if there’s more you could be doing with your coffee grounds rather then throwing them away? 

It turns out, coffee is amazing for more than jumpstarting your day and helping you adult. Here are 5 alternative uses for coffee….

1. Exfoliating Hand / Body Scrub

Pouring some of leftover coffee grounds into your favorite lotion, hand cream or soap for a great way to exfoliate and deodorize your hands and body. Coffee grounds are nice and gentle on skin and help scrub off dead skin to have you glowing. 

2. Add a Coffee Soak to Your Hair Care Routine 

Is your dark hair lacking vibrancy and shine? Give brown hair a natural shine and color boost with, you guessed it, coffee! 

Brew 2 cups of coffee (or more depending on hair length and thickness) and let it cool. Pour cooled coffee over your hair after shampooing and conditioning to get that natural (coffee) glow!

*We would not recommend this for anyone with light or blonde hair as coffee stains.

3. Use as a Deodorizer

We all love the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, but did you know that coffee grounds naturally absorb pesky odors? Place an open jar of unused ground in any stinky place and let the grounds do their magic. This is great for areas like the fridge, musty closets and laundry rooms.

4. Repel Creepy Crawlers 

While us humans adore the smell of coffee, it turns out that most pests such as mosquitoes, ants and slugs aren't too fond of it. Sprinkling coffee grounds in your garden can help to keep those pesky bugs from eating your precious plants. You can also place bowls of coffee grounds or sprinkle them around your sitting areas in the summer to keep the mosquitoes away.

5. Face Masks

While coffee serves as a great exfoliater for skin, it also is a great anti-inflammatory, helps to prevent and diminish fine lines and wrinkles while helping to balance your skin's pH.

Mix coffee grounds with your favorite coconut/natural oil or moisturizer and give your face a smooth, fresh, healthy glow!