20 Coffee-Related Puns and Quotes to Use for Your Next Instagram and Facebook Caption

20 Coffee-Related Puns and Quotes to Use for Your Next Instagram and Facebook Caption

You’ve snapped the perfect photo - the perfect amount of sunlight illuminates your favorite coffee mug which is filled with piping hot coffee, and propped next to a book you *may or may not* be actually reading… It’s nothing short of a modern-day masterpiece.

After meticulously sorting through dozens of outtakes, you select the perfect filter and you’re ready to share your picture with the world. All that’s left to do is caption it.

For some, coming up with the perfect clever caption for your photos can be the trickiest part of the social media posting process.

To help eliminate the challenge of coming up with a caption for your coffee photos, we at Smart Sips Coffee have compiled this list of 20 coffee related Instagram or Facebook captions.

Check out these 20 Coffee-Related Puns and Quotes to use as your next coffee Instagram caption...

  1. In Dog Coffees I’ve only had one…
  2. Coffee: A Warm, Delicious Alternative to Hating Everybody Every Morning Forever
  3. Espresso Yourself
  4. A Coffee a Day Keeps the Crazy Away
  5. Life Begins After Coffee
  6. My birthstone is a coffee bean
  7. Coffee… because it’s too early for wine
  8. Today’s Good Mood Is Brought to You By Coffee
  9. Life is what happens between coffee and wine
  10. How Did the Hipster Burn His Tongue? ...He Sipped His Coffee Before It Was Cool
  11. Procaffeinating (verb): the tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee
  12. Instant Human…Just add coffee
  13. Better Latte Than Never
  14. Don’t Hate, Caffeinate
  15. A Yawn Is Just a Silent Scream for Coffee
  16. I Like Big Cups and I Cannot Lie
  17. Livin’ La Vida Mocha
  18. Coffee Is My Blood Type
  19. I’m Sorry For What I Said Before My Coffee
  20. I’ll Start Working When My Coffee Does